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1. a workshop or studio, especially of an artist, artisan, or designer. 


Origin of atelier: Old French.

A design+build workshop and studio exists in many places.

The cafe for inspirational conversations and spontaneous concepts & sketches.

The studio to drill down on the concept and draw, model, draw, and refine.

The office to make a plan before the plans go somewhere beyond possible.

The web to confirm, communicate, schedule, and find that speciality bracket used five years ago that may still exist, and if it doesn't there is always...

The workshop when the build needs to be exacting and more unique than typical, and often requires a more dry environment than the PNW allows on site.

The site when all the hard work and planning gets turned into reality.

The structure, the garage on site, the temporary trailer or any other assembly of spaces that allows the artisans to bring the vision to life.


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