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mind the details


1. Project Feasibility - Involves site investigation to support project proposals for the IDEA, including design and programatic goals. 


2. Schematic & Conceptual - Plug in results to discover opportunities and limitations of the site, codes, and local governing agencies. Compare the big IDEA with reality.


3. Design Development -  Bring the IDEA back into perspective and maximize the design based on set boundaries and controls. Fix on a clear path to an innovative solution.


4. Permit Documents & Drawings - Production of documentation for controlling agencies and jurisdictions.


5. Budget Analysis - Where the design+build process seamlessly pulls in input to apply real world numbers, prior to completting Construction Drawings & Permiting. 


6. Permit Services - Submittal of documentation for the purpose of construction permiting.


7. Construction Drawings - A final set of construction drawings with in-depth details for the purpose of bringing the project to reality.


8. Construction Schedule - Documenting the work-flow and time-line for the construction crew, sub-contractors, craftsman & artisans. Confirm materials with vendors.


9. Project Management - Working as a team with all stake holders and participants, remembering at all times that the owners and end users are key contributors.


10. Project Completion - Finish and clean up inside and out. Turn over the keys to a unique and inspiring home.

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